Having the geopolitical convergence of a number of security challenges in the Western Balkans as a main driver of the event, this 3-day Forum with 6 thematic panels will discuss “hot potato” topics on national, regional and global levels. Three major topics encapsulating external and internal challenges will be analysed by policy makers, academics and practitioners. In particular, the Forum will put an emphasis on the implications of the great powers’ involvement in the region and will shed light on the situation in the wider WB region and beyond. The policy response undertaken by the WB governments as well as by EU and NATO as guarantors of peace and prosperity will also be a topic of the Forum. The insights on the integrative approach of using open access information and classified information in dealing with hybrid threats, the cyber security postures in the regions and the levels of preparedness to react against attacks coming from the virtual space, is expected to put an additional quality to the Forum. A great deal of the program will be dedicated on the Euro-Atlantic perspectives of the region and the developments, successes and failures will be viewed through the lenses of the security. The effects of the pandemic on the EU integrative processes of the WB countries will be also one of the focal points of the event.

The event is organized by Marshall Center Alumni Association, North Macedonia with a support of NATO PDD & George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

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