10 year Anniversary – “Ohrid alumni security forum” hosted by North Macedonia alumni association

#GCMC Alumni Security Forum kicked off from 26-29 August in Ohrid, North Macedonia. This was the 10th anniversary of Western Balkans security partners coming together to discuss security challenges and find solutions to the current geopolitical landscape. U.S. European Command (EUCOM) NATO

Day 1 : The forum had the pleasure to have U.S. Ambassador to North Macedonia, Kate Marie Byrnes, and German Ambassador to North Macedonia, Anke Holstein which addressed the #GCMC Alumni Security Forum alongside Marshall Center Director Barre Seguin, and set the stage for powerful conversations focused on #WesternBalkans security challenges and potential solutions. These discussions happen at a critical time with the changing #security environment in Europe, #Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the strong #transatlantic response to Russian aggression.

Day 2 had Insights on the current situation in the #WesternBalkans and how these activities could affect the region’s Euro-Atlantic integration from a security perspective. Discussions included the importance of #genderequality in the overall security environment. On that forum Ms. Slavjanka Petrovska, current Minister from the Ministry of Defense to North Macedonia addressed the experts.

Day 3: Was Hot topic from the Ohrid Alumni Forum: On the state of cybersecurity and how to work closer together to form a stronger #network to enhance regional cyber #partnerships. Better cybersecurity benefits us collectively.

Key takeaway: Western Balkan countries should maintain the strategic focus in addition to regional developments.

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