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Marshall Center Security Forum 2018

Marshall Center Security Forum

Transnational Security Threats: Regional and National Contribution to the Regional Security

17-21 September 2018; Ohrid, Macedonia

With the expressed commitment for integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures and the mounting number of security challenges that affect inevitably the Western Balkan countries, it becomes a necessity to address and liaise both issues by organizing a regional format of gathering. Following the positive examples from the region and considering the lack of such an event in the Republic of Macedonia, the NGO – Marshall Center Macedonia is willing to enlarge the existing capacities of its Marshall Center annual conference and to offer an original peer-to-peer model of discussing, analyzing and assessing the changing security environment from regional and Euro-Atlantic perspective. By organizing a larger event open for various stakeholders, Marshall Centre Macedonia has the ambition to connect the participants and altogether to influence the broader public opinion towards achieving the Euro-Atlantic goals and sensibilizing the public about the transnational security challenges.

By elaborating different security topics such as counter-terrorism, organized crime, migration, corruption, energy security, cyber and hybrid threats, this 3-day Forum is meant to address the mutually beneficial cooperation on issues of common interest, including regional efforts to meet emerging security challenges. Apart from the national and regional dimension of countering transnational security threats, the Forum will outline the European and Euro-Atlantic aspects on the security risks and threats. Moreover, it will emphasize the future prospects of the Western Balkan countries with regard to membership into the Euro-Atlantic structures. The forum has a clear goal to create a growing and a sustainable network of people who are dealing with security and/or Euro-Atlantic integrative perspectives of the region. By organizing public debates divided into panels as well as by offering open discussions, this multinational event will boost up the Euro-Atlantic integration processes and will enhance the cooperation and dialogue on security issues among governments, civil society organizations and academia. In particular, the ultimate goal of this regional project is to develop a high quality reflexion among the participants, to provoke a mind-challenging debate and to analyze the transnational security threats in national, regional and Euro-Atlantic context.

Marshall Center Security Forum – Agenda

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